One Pot Veggie Super Six Breakfast

Introduction: One Pot Veggie Super Six Breakfast

The veggie super six breakfast stems from many camping trips when you are limited on the number of pans. We have had this skillet for 25 years and it is still serving us well indoors and out. The meal can be served on a plate or on half a small loaf which was made this morning. 

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools:


Big Pan                           Veggie Sausages
Sharp Knife                     Smoked Tofu
Crinkle Cutter                  Fat Mushrooms
Tin Opener                      Cherry Tomatoes
Flipper                             Eggs
Chopping Board              Baked Beans
Stove                              Oil

Step 2: Frying Tonight:

Start by cooking the sausages and mushrooms, these take a bit longer, then add the tomatoes and the tofu (this has been crinkle cut). Leave these to cook for a while and turn occasionally. 

Step 3: Egg Time:

When the sausages are nearly done and the tofu and mushrooms are nice and brown, clear a space and crack in a couple of eggs. You can fry them whole or as an omelette try to get in as many as possible. This pan feeds two people well. 

You may turn the eggs or finish them off in the oven or under the grill.  Whilst the eggs are finishing you can prepare your bread, I like this method of cutting a small loaf length ways, with plenty of butter.

I knocked up three small loaves early this morning for this breakfast. 

Step 4: Finishing Touches:

Once the eggs are cooked split and serve the pan full between you and your breakfast partner. Get the pan back on the heat and tip in your baked beans, mine are straight out of a tin. This should sizzle nicely, meanwhile you can pour yourself a drink, add salt and pepper. 
As the pan is still really hot, after a couple of minutes it can be taken straight to the table and will carry on heating the beans. 

Sit down, serve and start. 

This kind of breakfast could last you for the rest of the day. 

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