One Potato Two Potatoes Three Potatoes More!

Introduction: One Potato Two Potatoes Three Potatoes More!

Introduction – Why grow potatoes?
If you like having potatoes there are many good reasons to grow your own.

By growing your own potatoes you can ensure that your food hasn’t come in contact with insecticides, herbicides or other potential harmful things that can be bad for your health if they get into your diet.

Environmentalist will tell you that the more potatoes you grow means the less you buy from far afield which means reduction on how much carbon dioxide your responsible for helping put in the atmosphere.

Economics, organic vegetables costs are very high so why not cut out the costs by being your own supplier.

Also there is a sense of achievement that comes from eating and producing your own food, it is a good hobby and can be quite relaxing.

Let’s get growing.

Materials and equipment list

Potatoes (As many as you want to plant)
  The potatoes I got I was told were organic grown :)

Hessian Sacks (As many as the amount of potatoes you want to plant)

Organic Compost

Pen knife / Scissors (Opening compost)

Tape measure

Glass bottle


Steps Overview

Step 1 One potato

Step 2 Two potatoes

Step 3 Three potatoes more!

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Step 1: Step 1 One Potato

Potting potatoes (well bagging the potatoes). Why use hessian sand bags, they are made out of natural plant fibres, have good drainage, cheap, readily available and allow for organic growing.

i) Roll down hessian sand bags so the bag is approximately 5 inches deep.

ii) Measure the depth to make sure it is around 5 inches deep.

iii) Place your potato (sprouting ones will have a head start) in the bottom of the bag, one potato per bag.

iv) Repeat part i-iii as many times as potatoes you want to plant.

! If planting outside only after there is no more risk of frost. If growing inside don’t need to worry about old jack frost.

! Sprouting potatoes have a head start, if you buy organic and enjoy particular brand of potatoes buy them and either set some aside or if you have some spare leave them to sprout and plant them

Step 2: Step 2 Two Potatoes

This step is messy and so if like me try not to get your hands dirt don on your gloves but if you are also like me you will still end up with dirt on your hands somehow.

i) Open your organic compost.

ii) Fill a hessian sandbag containing the potato until the potato is covered with approximately 5 inches of compost.

iii) Repeat part ii for as many potatoes you need to bury with compost.
! Don’t forget to clean up after yourself.

Step 3: Step 3 Three Potatoes More!

Growing is thirsty work, not just for you. So in this final step we move them to growing location and give them some water to help them grow, meaning more potatoes for you.

i) Move hessian sandbags containing potatoes and compost to a sunny spot or whether you wish to grow them but more sun the better.

ii) Water them great thing about hessian sandbags they have excellent drainage so very hard to over water them (Unless you go out your way to do so).

The way to get high yields of potatoes is to wait until the plant has reaches 6-8 inches (some places say 6 others 8 inches) of height then roll up some more of the bag and cover up lower leaves leaving just the top leaves and plant exposed. This will trick the plant into producing more potatoes increasing the yield greatly. Regular watering aids growing.

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