True Trigger Knex Gun/Pistol by Bannana Inventor

Thank you for viewing this gun. In detail this it a knex pistol it isn't modeled after any real pistol, however with the right rubber bands this gun is very powerful and accurate. When reviewing this remember that this is only the second gun/Instructable I've made so go easy, please.


Step 1: Starting the Gun Handel

Build what you see, in case you are wondering the blue pieces are rods sticking up.

Step 2: Build This.

This is what you should have now, but also add the second layer of the handle, there is also a gray single connector don't forget to connect that!!! (bottom of the handle) The blue rods go through the orange connectors' holes in case you were wondering.

Step 3: Build This.

Build what is in the picture.

Step 4: Final Handle Step

Take what you've just made and attach it all together, and congrats you have built the handle of the pistol!!!
P.S. Don't forget the other gray single connector at the bottom left of the handle.

Step 5: This Is the First Part of Making the Tail End of the Gun.

Build what is in the picture. Once again the blue pieces are blue rods sticking up.

Step 6: Build This.

Build what you see in the picture.

Step 7: Build the Trigger.

Build the trigger as you see it. Note top and bottom horizontal pieces are single gray connectors put them ab
ba style if you know what I mean.

Step 8: Connect This.

Connect everything together a you see it.

Step 9: Build the Ram

Build the ram as shown.

Step 10: Build This.

Build what you see in the picture.

Step 11: Connect and Build This.

Connect the previous pieces you built as shown, and make the pieces at the bottom too.

Step 12: Connect the Pieces As Shown.

piece one slides into gold pieces' holes pieces two snaps into the gold pieces' side.

Step 13: The Barrel.

This is the hard part, I could not brake this down for you, however if you have a question or need an image I would be happy to help. Just leave a comment.
(top view of barrel)

Step 14: More Barrel Pictures

More barrel pictures. (side view)

Step 15: More Barrel Pictures.

More barrel pictures. (front view)

Step 16: More Barrel Pictures.

More barrel pictures. (bottom view)
This the last of the barrel pictures sent me a comment if need more.

Step 17: Adding Rubberband.

Add the rubber band as the picture shows.

Step 18: Last Step.

Connect all the pieces together as shown and your done.
P.S. The gray rod on the ram should go through the orange connectors' hole. If you want a "real trigger" get some string and tie it around the trigger and the firing pin, or just make your own.


Step 19: True Trigger Addition.

1st pic, build the pieces. 2nd pic, connect as shown. 3rd pic, place trigger as shown on the gun. You will need to add the tan piece as shown in pic 3 and remove the original trigger.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome!!!!! if you have problems with pulling the ram back but it falls out of place then move the blue rod nearest to the back (from the intro picture) one space to the left it should stop coming out.


    8 years ago on Step 19

    ming works without the tan piece on the trigger mech

    thats if my camera worked i changed my on road car to a knex off road car!!!!!!!!!! it actually works!! but i have a crap camera i dropped it on holiday down this hole and the lans is cracked and i cant get the batteries in and my mam and dad wont buy me a new one :( i almost bought one in town but they stopped me :( kept on saying you are wasting your money but i dont care