One Up Your Chapstick!

Materials One container of old Chapstick Lighter Blush or eyeshadow Spoon Optional favored Chapstick

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Step 1: Smash Eyeshadow or Blush Into Spoon

Simple just smash it up. You can use different colors and mix put it in the spoon

Step 2: Put in the Chapstick

Save the plastic part at the bottom we need that. When you get the Chapstick out put the plastic thing back in.

Step 3: Melting

Melt the Chapstick over the spoon. BE CAREFUL!! I burned myself and if you can use oven gloves or just be careful. Drip the Chapstick over the spoon so it hardens in the spoon blush.

Step 4: Container

When you melt it melt about half the Chapstick and you but the other half back into the container. Drip the harden blush wax into the container making it colored. This step may take awhile because the lighter gets hot. The heart was a drip.

Step 5: All Done!

There you go just wait a minute just in cause it is hot. Vote for me and hope you enjoy

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