One Dollar Guardians of the Galaxy Orb Prop


Introduction: One Dollar Guardians of the Galaxy Orb Prop

This is an easy to make prop for any Guardians Of The Galaxy costume. The "Orb": More accurately, an Orb lookalike. I bought this in a local Dollar Store, where it was labeled a "Crystal Ball", which is actually a ball made of plastic beads fused together. It comes in various colors, in this case yellow. All I had to do was spray paint it silver and it came out resembling the "Orb" used in the movie. An ideal and easy to make, prop for any Starlord, Gamora, or Drax costume.



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    This is so cool! Going to comic con and I just can't find a Godslayer anywhere so wanted to know what else I can use and this is the perfect solution!!!!

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    I posted it the way I made it... I bought the ball and spray painted it. I did nothing else to it. And the average maker or maker-wannabe is more than capable of using a can of spray paint. If I had gone the extra step of cutting it open and mounting a plastic "Infinity Stone" inside it, I would have posted exactly what I had done and how. As well as my mistakes in making it. But in this case, I didn't go that far: I was only talking about making a cheap sturdy prop for use with a costume or display.

    Okay, for the record, I bought this at a local Dollar Tree Store and it is called a "Crystal Ball" as I said. And repainting an item is still crafting.

    It is the simplest way of doing it. The ball is commercially made and spray painting it silver is also simple to do. The other alternative is to spend a lot of money for the "Official" Orb replica, which for all we know was made the same way.

    This is a really clever solution! It looks great! It even has room to go further and actually fit the Infinity Stone and inner casing in there. Great, great idea!

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    Good idea. Cut the ball in half along the seam line, and put a smaller ball inside it, also cut in half, then place a plastic stone in the middle.