Easy One Minute One Step Mosquito Trap for Outdoors




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Before the electric flyswatter was invented the most effective, easiest, time saving and The Cheapest mosquito trap you will every come across which can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Step 1: Materials Required and Procedure

Materials Required:

1. Any kind of cooking or non-cooking oil can be used (I have used soybean refined oil we get it cheap in India and use it for cooking.)

2. Flat plate of any shape, size and material can be used the bigger the surface area the better it is.

3. Well, the most important are your fingers to apply the oil on the surface of the plate once you are done applying the oil on the surface, its time to stick them all up.


1. Where every you see Mosquitoes and Insects flying around you while camping or indoors as well, hold the plate firmly and wave it around to stick them up.


Wipe your hand free of oil to avoid looking the grip and hitting someone's head while waving it.



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    3 years ago

    Hai..instead of citrenulla you can also use neem oil.dip a incense stick (used extensively in India) in neem oil and light it.then the smoke from it repells mosquitoes easily

    1 reply

    3 years ago

    great idea i will be trying this..thanks..

    1 reply

    3 years ago on Introduction

    I love how simple this is! Have you found any other homemade remidies that are more effective than this?

    1 reply

    I am so happy to see your feeback, first one.

    Yes, we can use Citronella oil instead, since it has insect repelling property but it is hard to extract Citronella oil at home so we can buy it from the market and used.

    If you have Citronella growing in your home we can always take its leaves crush it and mix it with oil and use it.

    We can can keep it at the side or apply.

    Please let me know if my explanation is satisfactory and can be understood.