One More Way to Piggyback Your External Drive

Introduction: One More Way to Piggyback Your External Drive

After several occasions when my precccious (because of all the information it stores) hard disk drive had fallen down since I always forget it's been attached and then stand up or move the laptop, I understood the hard drive has to be somehow docked to the laptop itself. 
So here's my extra-cheap solution - all you need is a pair of kitchen-rail S-hooks (available in any house appliances or hardware store) and a rubber band (go to any stationary store or just rummage around in your desk).
 This harness is probably less secure than a velcro one, but it's much easier to do. And it's secure enough if you don't plan to practice fitness with your laptop in hands or jog or something. 
Be sure that your disk's connecting cable is long enough to reach up to the top of the laptop's screen.

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    If you mean the HDD - no, it doesn't. Usually I don't take it off its pocket at all