One Piece Pc Project

Introduction: One Piece Pc Project

This is a video of a custom pc project i made, taking the main idea from some DIY digital frame projects, i will post an instructable of this proect, as soon as i make it better. I use a Intel Atom Dual core MOBO, and an 15" monitor i had liying around for this, i needed a pc, for programing and strictly for wotk in my house but using the smallest space possible, so here it is. Please comment.



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    Check out my briefcase PC I made it work with a standard 500watt cube shaped PSU although I did take it out of its casing to do it.

    Awesome! I am working on a similar project...but what I wanted to know is did you have to use an lcd controller for the monitor? I want to have the monitor power on when I turn on the pc and everything to work off one power cord. Can you let me know?

    dont you think a 1.6 ghz proccesor was WAAYYYY over kill , my AA0 uses an atom proccesor and it can play full 3d games no troubles.

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    That could depend on the game, as well as the gpu. If you have an ION, it could probably run lots of stuff pretty well, but most atom systems have a pretty crummy gpu...

    Nice work, I'm working on a metal briefcase-puter, but the power supply takes a lot of space, can you tell what power supply to use and how many watts your's has ? I like to include a low profile dvd inside, also is the monitor running on the same power supply? thank You.

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    I know that if you look into server power supplies, they can come in a long thin package instead of a cube one. Try jameco or Digikey.

    I used a pico PSU 90w , with an 80w AC adapter, , you get 12v and 6.6A. That power source is for the mobo, The monitor energy is supplied by it's own cord. If you need more info, don't be shy and ask

    I like this project. I look forward on the instructable to make this project.

    Love it :) I just think Windows XP should be replaced with a linux distro such as Ubuntu or debian... just to make it more speedy. Anyway... I don't want to start some troll discussion over here about Windows VS Linux...

    Nice Use Of The Board! I use this same board in my Car PC, Its very Powerful for its size and runs everything anyone would need for a project of this type.

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    Yes it is powerful, no i did this first project i can stop thinking of possible places to add a pc to it ;). I will make a car pc using this board, but i still don't have very clear what monitor should i use..

    It's nice, but you're not "instructing" us about how to make something like this. When you make it better please write down on the components used for the pc, how you mounted all the hardware on the frame and how you built the frame. Thanks!

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    thanks for the comment, and i did the video cause this is the test of this project, i plan to make it better, then i will be posting a good instructable. cheers!