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Introduction: One Sheet Workbench

A foldable Workbench made out of a single sheet of a 18mm chipboard. Sorry for my english and the lack of sizes and photos. It was a project that came up in my mind and it was build in 2days or so. And didn't have the intention to make it a instructable. If you want to know some dimensions just ask. Or design you own one sheet Workbench ;-) oww and one last thing don't mind the mess in my workshop (basement)..

Step 1: First Make a Big Box.

First of all cut the single sheet of chipboard (244x122cm) into the correct sizes. Then make a big box of it, and then see that you made a little mistake and unscrew one side en place it more inwards. Now you can see that you made space for a small shelf for you small stuff like pencils and rulers etc. You can add more shelves if you like and need.

Step 2: Create Further.

As you can see in the pictures i made the top of the Workbench bigger at the sides. On one side this is because of the foldable top and the hinges, and the other side is more wide because you can put your clamps and things on. And put some wheels underneath and make sure you make it the right height for yourself.

Step 3: Foldable Top and Legs

In these pictures you can see the foldable top and the table legs i used. Just some simple adjustable ones from ikea(you can unscrew these from there base) . And then give your Workbench a nice finish.

Step 4: Put All Your Tools in Place.

And now put all your tools in. I placed my vacuüm underneath and some of my systainers. As you can see on the pictures the table is big enough (when unfold) that you can place a trek 29er MTB on it.



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    Looks like a great design. I would expect such a table to cost $150 if you find it. Excellent job. Thanks for sharing. :-)


    3 years ago

    This is a great idea, very customizable to ones needs and likes.

    This looks great! If you have any dimensions or drawings that you did I'd love to see the them and how it was put together! Welcome to the community as well! It's good to see a new face! I'm excited to see more from you in the future!

    2 replies

    And i forget to thank you for the compliment. Thanks

    Thank you for the welcome. I have some drawings i made with Google sketch up. I Will get them up tomorrow ( as it is 10.30 in the evening over here). The top of the bench is roughly about 80x60 cm ( approx 31 x 23 inch).