One-shoulder, Mermaid Prom Dress




Introduction: One-shoulder, Mermaid Prom Dress

Save hundreds of dollars my making, customizing, and personalizing your own prom dress for that special day!

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Step 1: Select 2 Fabrics

Select one fabric for the body of the dress, and another for the skirt, depending on how you want the skirt to move and look, I recommend using a tulle fabric for a more structured, princess, and dramatic mermaid look. Or you can choose a light and airy fabric for a more elegant, and flowy skirt

* I choose a gold sequin fabric for the top, and a champagne chiffon fabric for the skirt. For a size small, women's 2, you will need approximately 2 yards for the body, and 3 yards for the skirt. Add or take away fabric accordingly to the size of your desired dress.

Step 2: Cut 2 Pieces for the Bodice, Then Sew Them Together

Using the fabric you selected to construct the top of your dress, cut our 2 hourglass figure shapes, with a straight edge top and bottom. This will be your top and back panel. ( If you want to have a sweetheart neckline, then cut the front panel's top edge with a sweetheart style.

Measure your length from underarms to knees, to find your height for the fabric

Measure your sides from underarm to underarm, to find your width for the top

Measure your waist, to find your width for the middle of the dress

Measure your hip to hop length, to find the width of your bottom half

Step 3: Cutout 4 Pieces for the Skirt, and Sew Them Together

For the skirt, cut out 4 triangular pieces. These pieces should have a rounded curve base, and the points of the triangles need to be cut out into a rounded inside edge.

Once you have the four pieces, sew their edges together.

* If you want to have a slit in your dress, do not sew together the last two edges, leave them open!

Step 4: Assemble

Next, Sew your top edge of your skirt, to the bottom edge of your dress - inside out

Step 5: Make the Strap

I used the left over scraps, and braided them together to create the strap.

Then sew the edge of the strap to the top left edge of the dress.

Optional But Recommended:

Use any scraps to sew another strap of the other side of the dress, to be able to hand the dress on a hanger easily

Step 6: Trim Any Loose Threads

Finalize dress,

add any embellishments or decals,

cut loose threads,

finishing hemming all parts,

line the inside of dress if wanted

Step 7: Accessorize and Wear!

Your Prom dress is finished!

Finish this look with stunning heels and jewelry!

have fun on prom night!

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    2 Discussions


    1 year ago on Step 7

    Very cute! Easily customizable and dressed up or kept simple. And so perfect for a lot of the arbitrary and ridiculous dress codes the girls are expected to meet. Do you happen to have any pictures of the dress being worn? Just curious what it looks like on.

    Very pretty! I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about people spending over $900 on Prom, which just seems crazy, especially when you can make something like this!