One Switch to Rule Them All




Introduction: One Switch to Rule Them All

This is my disc sander I have attached a small shop vac to, and added a light overhead to help illuminate my work piece. Switching all three of these things on and off whenever I need to use them is a hassle, I usually have my hands full and I need all three on and then off at the same time. I put them all on one power strip and turned them all on. Now I only have one switch to control them all, I find it much more user friendly.

Step 1: Materials

Table - a small table, but you might have a bench you want to build it into. I wanted to put the vac under the table so I drilled a hole through the top.

Disc sander -Mine is a 10" from Harbor Freight I think I paid $80 for it. I just checked their web site and they now sell a 12" for $139.00.You'll also need a pack of sanding discs and a rubber block to clear the pitch. Always check your square on both sides to ensure that its true.

Shop vac- Get a small one and put it under the rig. I cut the end of the hose at an angle to make it suck better. friction holds it in place nicely.

Power strip- make sure its rated for the amount of all three electrical components.

"P" trap- This is the U shaped plumbing under your sink that holds a little water to keep the sewer gases from coming up the drain an into your house. I took a pic under my sink, the part that I stuck the blue tape on is the part I used.

Swivel light. I found an old torchiere lamp somebody throw out, cut it in half and made a mount that allows it to move left and right. The lamp already had a head that swivels up and down.

Once you have it all together turn the light, vacuum, and sander on. Now start using the power strip switch to turn all three on and off.

Step 2: Plug It All Into the Power Strip

Now that you have everything together start using the switch on the power strip to fire everything at once.

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    5 years ago

    Yes indeed, all the switches were so far apart it was a huge pain to turn off and on before. What are you running with yours?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Great Idea! I love running multiple things off of a single power strip. It makes things so convenient.