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Introduction: OneBlade Wall Mounted Charging Dock

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this is my 1st instructable, and what I'm gonna show you here is how to make yourself a wall mounted charging dock for your Philips OneBlade razor

  • for free (zero cost)
  • in a few very simple steps
  • with common basic tools
  • by reclaiming the provided packaging it came in

If you :

  • shave yourself
  • own a Phillips OneBlade razor (or plan to buy one)
  • wish to have a charging dock for it
  • feel concerned about the excess of plastic on our planet

then this instructable is for you !

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Step 1: Tools Needed

Of course you will need to have a Philips OneBlade razor. But you will also need the original packaging it came in when you bought it (photo 1). You paid for that packaging so I hope you didn't throw it in the trash !

If you don't have it anymore, unfortunately this instructable is useless... and unfortunately all the plastic parts it contained are now polluting our planet a bit more.

If you don't own a OneBlade razor but think about buying one, keep your original packaging to be able to follow this instructable !

Now for the tools you will need (photo 2):

  • a hacksaw blade (even an old or broken one)
  • a metal file - better 2 (a large one and a small one)
  • a small metal round needle file
  • a drill and a 4mm drill bit
  • 2 screws and a screwdriver (wall mounting step)

Step 2: Packaging Cutting

The very first step is to cut away the interesting part from the original packaging.
Take a close look at the packaging and plan your cuts ahead (photo 1).

With the use of your hacksaw blade, cut the part where needed (photo 2).

You should end up with the interesting part now separated from the original packaging (photos 3 & 4).

Step 3: More Cutting

You will now need to cut off some more plastic from the bottom of your part so it can lay flat on the wall.

Plan ahead which parts you need to cut (photo 1) then proceed (photo 2).

Step 4: Smoothing

When you will be done with all your cuts, you will end up with a part that needs cleaning and smoothing.

Start by taking off as much plastic as you can with your finger nail from where you performed your cuts, then use the large metal file to get rid of the excess of plastic in those places (photos 1 & 3). Use a small metal file for a nice and smooth finish (photos 2 & 4). Don't forget to also round up sharp corners (photo 4).

Step 5: Drilling Holes

The original packaging has a rounded mark in the middle of your part. This is where you're gonna make your first hole for wall mounting. The second hole will take place at the middle top of your part (photo 1).
With the use of a drill and a 4mm drill bit, make these two holes (photo 2).

In order to plug your OneBlade for charging, you will also need to make an oval hole at the bottom of your dock (photo 3). This is probably the most difficult step of this instructable because it will have to be exactly at the correct place and at the correct size (if it's too big you may have to glue the plug afterward which is not intended).
In order to make this step easier, I provide a template that you can download, print, and stick in place (with some tape), to know exactly where to drill. If you feel confident and lucky (as I was when I did it for myself) you may just go ahead without the template.

Drill two holes at the correct distance and then lime the excess of plastic (small metal file and rounded one) to result in a nice oval shaped hole that will perfectly fit the charger plug's end.
Don't lime too much ! Lime and test if it fits. Lime again, test again, and repeat.

Then push your plug's end into that oval hole as far as you can, taking care to orient it the correct way (photos 3 & 4). You may have to force a bit but that is better than having to glue it in place. So take it easy...

Step 6: Wall Mounting

Your charging dock is now finished (photo 1) and all you have to do is mounting it on a wall in your bathroom (or wherever you use your OneBlade). Of course you could also decide to paint it before to proceed (optional).

Using a screwdriver, fix it on a wall with two small screws (photo 2).
Put your OneBlade in place for charging (photo 3). Thanks to the plug's end it will be steady without being able to topple over (photo 4).

You can now enjoy having a charging dock for your OneBlade which didn't cost you a penny...
... except that you paid for that packaging. So why not reclaim it ?


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