Simplest Remote Controlled Wireless LED !

Introduction: Simplest Remote Controlled Wireless LED !

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Have You Ever Seen A Useful & Interesting Circuit Which Only Uses One Holy Component ! I Didn't found any yet on internet , so here i present you the World's Simplest Remote Controlled LED !

You can use any infrared remote control to turn on this circuit .

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Step 1: The Only Required Part ! - Photodiode

You Will Only Need A Transparent Photo-diode ,3 mm, 5 mm any of them will work fine !

And Obviously You Will Need an White LED Prefer white one because it's throughput is very good .

its a good idea to build this circuit on a breadboard first , as you may need to tweak distance between LED and Photo-diode .

A Voltage Source Like a 3.7v or 9 v battery

★☆★ Buy Parts from your online local store ★☆★

1) PhotoDiode Transperant

2) White Led

3) 3.7v Battery

Step 2: Circuit Diagram (Hint - Series Connection !)

The Circuit is also pretty simple one , its just a series connection of Photo-diode and LED Voltage Source Completes the Circuit !

As a Voltage Source I Used 3.7 v Battery , For Different Colored LED's 9 v battery can be also used

As shown in picture i installed Components onto a breadboard .

Step 3: How It Works !

1. In a Dark Room Photo-diode offers very high resistance and therefore LED Glows Very Dimmly

2. In a Well Lighted Room Photo-diode offers very low resistance and therefore LED Glows Strongly

3. Interesting Thing happens when you perfectly direct Photo-diode towards LED . Led Turns ON

4. But When You put finger between photo diode and led the led switches OFF.

5. Now if you put this circuit in a dark room , LED Stays OFF

6. If You Press Any Button From IR Remote ,LED Turns ON ,This is becouse the photodide capture the infrared light from remote which will decrease the ressistance hence incease the intensity of white LED, and it stays on until you block light between your contraption Pretty Cool HUH !

Step 4: I Need Your Help !

I Need Your Help ! so please vote me

Thank You !

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    4 Discussions


    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Dear Thank for info
    Kindly confirm Max distance Remote to LED can be activated.


    3 years ago

    nice idea man..were do u live ..I'm from Bangalore.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    It would be interesting if you could setup multiple leds and sensors to create some kind of reaction feedback loop. You could make some interesting light shows.

    Kedar Nimbalkar
    Kedar Nimbalkar

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yeah ,That will be really intresting ! i'm thinking on it...