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This is my toy wakizashi. The saya used to be blue along with the wrap. The gold parts were brown and the blade was white. I know my Tsuka-Maki isn't that great, but i'm still learning. UPDATE 5/30/11: i did some Tsuka-Maki on the saya. What do you think?



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    I'm currently making a wakizashi saya as a project for our sword class, so I found your Instructable particularly interesting. I'm carving the saya from a poplar plank, as I didn't want to order ho wood from Japan -- it just doesn't need to be that authentic for this wakizashi knock-off blade.

    Wrapping tsuka-maki is one of the most frustrating projects I've tried to do and it wound up looking a lot like yours.

    Gambatte! [Japanese for "good luck, try hard and don't give up"]

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