Oops You Peed on Yourself Prank!

Introduction: Oops You Peed on Yourself Prank!

This is a great prank to play on your family and friends and its not even one that will get you in a whole lot of trouble.  But it is way hilarious so try it.  Seriously though.....try it.

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Step 1: Supplies

Alright first your going to need your supplies and well i'm going to warn you that you may or may not have this luxurious item in your household.  All you need is (drum roll please)......your toilet.  and tape sorry.

Step 2: Setting Up

Ok now all you have to do is go in your bathroom and find your toilet.  Now take the lid off of the top of your toilet.  Now you will see a tube running along and into a pipe thing standing up inside of your toilet tank.  So what you have to do is take that tube out of the pipe thing (don't worry it won't destroy your toilet ) and stick it so that the open part (that was sticking in the pipe) is right at the edge of your toilet tank and it is facing out away from the toilet towards your soon-to-be victim.  You can use a little tape to keep it in place but you may not need to depending on your tube thing (mine didn't need one).  Now put your lid back on the toilet tank and your all set. 

Step 3: Hide and Watch

Now you can just go hide near the bathroom and watch as your victim enters the bathroom.  They will do their business and then they will reach to flush (hopefully because please it's america at least try to be mature) and when they do flush the water streams out all over them from the tube, mwahaha.

Step 4: What Happened?

Ok so i know your all wondering how on earth is that supposed to happen?  But its actually very simple.  When you flush it sucks the water all up i suppose you all should know that.  So then it has to fill it back up and that is what our little friend "the tube" does.  It flows into that pipe thingy and fills it back up but not if its pointing towards your victim.  In that case it will squirt all over them and unless they're a little kid (in that case it would squirt them in the face) it will squirt them right on the jewelry zone and therefore it will look like they have peed in their pants.  So have fun and try not to "miss" that much.  By the way please feel free to comment because that would just be wonderful.

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