Open Concept Closest for Small Space

Step 1: Buy What You Need or Gather What You Got.

I just bought a new dresser and was sick of stuffing all my cloths it it and trying to share a closet. So I got this idea. Get all the parts you will need. I had the rod end cap from changing my bathroom curtain rod. I went to the tsc store down the street for the hanging rod the pipe corner and like 6" pipe. All cost me 20 bucks. I didn't want the pipe scraping so I put a small piece of wood under it and glued it to the pipe.

Step 2: Assembly

Put it all together and there you go



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Bonus! Steel pipe is so much stronger than the wimpy stuff they sell for "closet poles". People don't think clothes are heavy--big mistake!


    3 years ago

    You think so? Awesome thanks a lot!

    ooo it's so modern and I bet it's a great space saver! Awesome idea, and you did a nice job explaining the process! Welcome to instructables!