Open Fly?

Tired of people telling you your fly is open?
Here is a fix c: all you need is a keychain ring and if you don't want to hurt your nails use something (I.e a pencil, staple remover, etc,.) to open the ring c:

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Step 1:

Lets get started c: first start with your key ring and open it

Step 2:

Now connect it with your zipper

Step 3:

Zip up put over the button.
Close the button.
No open fly! And it's not even noticeable enjoy! (:

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    I don't bother. If anyone says anything I just say "Oh, I thought it was casual dress day."


    5 years ago

    No more checking my fly while walking, people might get the wrong impression :). Thanks