Open Me When Letters and Other Gifts

Introduction: Open Me When Letters and Other Gifts

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Thank you for clicking on this post - I´ll make it worth your time - I promise! (I´ll even pinky promise! That's how serious I am ;) )

I just made a present for my dad who is turning 60 this saturday! I´ll let you in on the different kinds of things that I made/bought - maybe it will give you inspiration!

So let's do it! Woop woop!

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Step 1: Open Me When..

If you're not familiar with the "open me when.." concept then I´ll tell you - it´s very simple!

You write a scenario - like f.ex: open me when.. you turn 60.

Then the receiver of the letter can only open the letter when he/she/something else (you never know in these times) turns 60! Inside the envelope there is a letter that you wrote!

You can also put other stuff inside the letter as well - that's really up to you! You can do anything!

I attached some presents to some of the letters - so when he opens the letter (and there is a yellow sticky note on it) then he can open the corresponding present!

If you need inspiration to subjects - then here is what I came up with!:

Open me when..

- You turn 60

- You want to watch some good movies

- You won over me in a discussion

- You lost a discussion to me

- You want to watch some new series!

- You watch Topgear or The fresh prince in Bel-Air

- You need to be reminded how amazing you are

- You have had an absolutely trash and stupid day

- You want to expand your horizon with nice to know not need to know facts

- You - if it will ever happen - you go a whole day without a single cup of coffee

- You have had an amazing, brilliant and great day!

- You have your first grandchild

- You retire

- We go to Vienna

- You won over me in 500 (It´s a cardgame)

- You lost to me in 500

- You have been a handyman

- You feel like solving some puzzles and codes

- You feel creative

- You turn 70

- You turn 80

- You turn 90

- The first snow falls

- You have put op the first Christmas decorations

- You turn on the heater for the first time

- It is the 1.December

- You have cleaned the fridge

- Have run out of the

- You need to know how priceless you are

- You have done something spontaneous

Step 2: The Rest

I am also giving him:

- a wine saver vacuum!

- His favourite deodorant and some wooden cutlery for salad

- Some green for plants (you fill it with water and the plants take what they need)

- potato peeler

- Wine vault (you lock the wine in with a special code, which the receiver have to break in order to get the wine out)

- String art

- A brick! (it says Bornholm, which is a Danish island where my dad grew up. On the other side it says "congrats on being old bla bla bla.. Basically I used it as a card)

- A fish! It spells Christian downwards (in Danish) and then words that I would classify as Christian beginning with the same letter!




I ...

S... etc..

Obviously some of these gifts suit my dad specifically and I have been lucky and got a lot of the stuff on second markets! However I hope that this helped you out!

Thank you for reading my post - please leave comments if you enjoyed it or have some questions! Thank you

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