Open Mosquito Trap

Introduction: Open Mosquito Trap

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Open Mosquito Trap

Open Mosquito Trap (OMT) is an Open Hardware project developed by several French MakerSpace Network (Smart & Fair,Youfactory, La Paillasse Saône, Fabrique d'Objets Libres). Its aim is to provide a low cost, low tech, ecological, localy and easy to make product whose aim is to trap and kill dangerous mosquitoes. In several countries, mosquitoes are a huge vector of propagation of illness and no affordable solution is now in the market : it's why OMT is born. It has been design to create CO2 thanks to a compost and attract mosquitoes.

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Step 1: Design

OMT has been designed with SketchUp Make 2015.

Sketchup and STL files are available.

Step 2: 3d Print

OMT base is made in full 3D printing with an accurate 3D printer : Zortrax M200.

OMTbottom : The bottom part have been printed with a 0,09mm layer thinkness and a full infill. It have to be rather impermeable. This part home a compost made with rotten fruit, water and leaf.

OMTmiddle: The middle part have been printed with a 0,14mm layer thinkness. A round mosquito net have been glued with an universal glue.

OMTtop : The upper part have been printed with a 0,14mm layer thinkness.

Step 3: Assembly

The 3 parts of the OMT have been embeded thanks to few milimeter of tolerance between parts.

Step 4: Use

1 ) Fill the lower part with rotten fruit, water and leaf. The process of emission of CO2 made approximatly 15 hours to begin.

2) Assembles all part together

3) Place your Open Mosquito Trap close to the place you spend time (sleeping, eating, ...). Its aim is to be more intersting place for the mosquitoes than you are !

4) Mosquitoes died really fast when they do not have something to eat. They usually live during night and they will be probably dead in the morning. So you can pour the mosquitoes in the compost.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This looks like a nice little mosquito trap!

    You can actually share the stl files right in a step, if you wanted to. That would be a nice gesture for anyone that wanted to make this! :)


    Reply 4 years ago

    Ok thanks !