Open a Beer Using Tape!




Sometimes you need to open your beer (or soda) and you doesn't have a proper way to open it. This is not going to be a problem for you from now on, you just need a little tape to be able to open any beer.

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Step 1: Measuring Tape Size

First you need to place your hands like the image and cut a piece of tape the size of your both hand leaving a little more on both sides.

Having this tape you need to cut three more pieces the same size and join them.

Step 2: Folidng

The next step is to fold the tape making a 1cm stripe made with several consecutive folds.

Step 3: Final Step

The final step is to bend the stripe two times and add a little more tape on the second fold. this made this point a little more robust to be able to open more beers with the same tape.

Step 4: Using the Device

I upload this video to show how to use the device.

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    Tip 3 days ago

    FYI, the same can be done with simple paper :)

    1 reply

    Reply 3 days ago

    You are right. One time I only have tape because I was camping and though I should try to make it with tape and it work. I tought I should share it in here :)