Open a Beer With Your House Key!





Introduction: Open a Beer With Your House Key!

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Lost your Church key?
Thirsty for a beer?
Use your house key! Or anything that will fit under the little notches of the bottle cap.



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    my friends all use there lighters... and my church key is on my keyring

    I used a stone once to push the caps off, the key idea is so much better!

    we used to open bottles on the edge of a workbench.
    --and crack walnuts and pecans with our bare hands.

    Great. Now your next one should be how to get in your house using an empty beer bottle, after you bend your house key beyond recognition.

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    I've been doing this for decades and never once bent a key. Not even a Chevy key and they don't get any weaker than that.

    Or you can just buy a bottle opener and put it on your key chain....

    As stated in the text, this is for when you have lost your church key.

    Because a churchkey is too large .It is two to three times longer than a key.
    Also the can opener part cuts holes in your pockets.

    This is excellent. A bit safer and a bit slower than placing the bottle cap on the edge of a table and smacking it with your palm. Trading speed for safety (and unspilled beer) is worth it.

    I've often used a pocket knife to open beer bottles since I always have one of those with me. The blade can catch the edge well enough to open it if necessary. Don't use the tip since you are likely to bend it. It used to be that the car door latches were just the right size for opening beer bottles. You can also put the edge of the bottle on a table (or something that you don't mind marring) and hit down on the bottle a bit to cause the top to bend and come off.