Open a Bottle of Wine With a Piece of String.




Learn how to open a bottle of wine with a piece of string, remove the cork in one piece. The is an awesome party trick that I have heard has cost people up to $200 to learn "I bet you I can open this wine with this piece of string"...."how much?" ...."$200"...

It's also useful on picnics on boats.

Most likely you'll use this instructable to drink other people's wine for free.

"If i open your bottle with this piece of string, can I have a cup?"

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Step 1: Remove the Cork Cover...

tear off that pesky cork covering thing.

Step 2: Push the Cork Into the Bottle

youve probably done this bit before in that desperate attempt to open you vino on a camping trip.

using a pen or a bolt works fine (just push it in slowly to prevent wine spilling out)

I've seen the hardest core of people do this with ninja finger tricks. If you support your pinky with your other hand you can push it in with your pinky. This might hurt a little, but you'll feel real bad-ass...

Step 3: Tie a Stopper Knot in Your Piece of String.

A fairly stiff piece of string works best, but any piece will do in a pinch. if it's floppy you will require more patience in the next step.

The best stopper knot generally is the figure 8 knot. Look at this sequence of images to learn to tie it. You can use this knot everywhere. It is easier to untie later than an ordinary overhand stopper knot... Re-use your string.

Step 4: Slide the Knot End of String Down the Side of the Cork...

This is the tricky bit. Push the string down the inside of the bottle until the stopper knot falls below the bottom of the cork. You may need to use a pen or finger to push the string. This is why a stiffer string is better. it sometimes helps to tip the bottle one way or the other...

Step 5: Carefully Pull the String and Cork Into the Launch Position...

Carefully pull the string and cork up until the cork is engaged in the mouth of the bottle and the stopper knot sits below the bottom of the cork...

Step 6: Pull the Cork Out!

Step 7: Boast, Toast, Drink and Enjoy...

You now have bad ass party trick boasting rights. Drink responsibly.

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      88 Discussions


      4 years ago on Introduction

      Another benefit, you get the cork back to recap the bottle.


      7 years ago on Introduction

      I am putting a piece of string and a strong pen into my purse right now, for the next time I go camping with my wine appreciating friend! Thanks!


      8 years ago on Introduction

      What is this "coark" and "boddle" you speak of ? I looked on all sides of my box, but could only find laminated paper flaps and a plastic screw cap. And I've been known to pay up to $2 USD for a fine month-old vintage.

      2 replies

      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      Month old? That is some highfalutin stuff right there, Tuesday was a great vintage.


      12 years ago on Step 7

      that's so rad, my children wil teach it to their children's children for the time when there are no more corkscrews in the world, after doomsday...

      3 replies

      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      Wonderful survival "with string" technique! The 'doomsday' spoken of may be what our grandparents called 'the great depression.' If so, 'the greater depression' to come might be so bad that it leaves us wishing we had a piece of string to open a corked bottle with. Question: Where do I get wine if all I can afford is to scrounge a piece of string? Or, if wine is consumeable and needs to be replenished... wouldn't I be wise to store a permanent tool, the corkscrew? It could be passed on from one generation to another. But the wine would need to be purchased again and again. Summary: this string trick works for those who go camping (or partying) unprepared! Lessons learned: Always invite a Boy Scout or survivalist that has a Swiss Army knife with a corkscrew when you want to drink wine.


      Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

      well in doomsday wine might be the only drink-safe liquid, back in the middle ages people drank wine and beer because the water wasn't safe to drink


      8 years ago on Step 6

      i dont drink a lot of wine but ill sooo remember this for parties:) also world market has this peach carbonated beverage they cork (angry face) so i can try that !
      Now everyone go ahead and laugh at the liteweight.....


      8 years ago on Step 2

      The better wording would be, " i bet i can get this cork out with only this string"
      This way, you leave yourself open to use whatever tool you wish to push the cork INTO the bottle as long as you use the string to take the cork OUT


      8 years ago on Step 6

      Good trick! if you bet me a glass that you could do it I'd likely give you the entire bottle not only because I was impressed but also because you stuck a bunch of foreign objects in my wine! ;) all kidding aside well done.


      8 years ago on Introduction

      if you're going to push the cork into the bottle, why go the extra (harder) steps to take the cork out? (unless it is a bar bet) isn't the goal to get the wine out? with the cork pushed in, that's completed.


      13 years ago

      hmmmn. . . neat trick, but sounds a bit tedious.
      try this one on for size (great for camping trips)

      hold the bottle of wine firmly a few inches from the base in your good hand and hit the bottom of the bottle sharply (and squarely) against the trunk of a tree. this will force the cork out of the opening of the bottle. you can usually open a bottle of wine with three or four strikes. the cork will come out gradually, so you can get it to the point where you can pull it out, rather than having it jump out at you.

      *requisite words of warning:
      1) wine bottles are made of glass.
      2) people have a soft outer coating.

      now, I have probably opened close to 100 bottles throughout my life using this method (I enjoy camping), but I *have* broken two, and one time I sliced my hand a bit. (hence the "hold the bottle towards the base where the glass is thicker") both times, it was a thin, cheap bottle.

      all in all, I feel those are pretty good odds.

      if you find this tip useful, please pass it along at your next campout.

      1 reply

      Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

      Do you mean "squarely" at a right angle, or parallel? I see two versions of 'square' in my mind. A. Parallel to the side of the bottle lengthwise. and B. Flat across the horizontal base of the bottom of the bottle, the short side. Which one? Thanks!