Open Your Letters Like a Boss ! | Letter Opener | Hacksaw Blade Repo

Create a letter opener to open your letters in like a boss and as its Christmas time It will be create for opening your Christmas greeting cards from your friends and loved ones !

The handle Is Turned on my lathe then a hacksaw blade is snapped to shaped then a curve is grinded to the end and them an edge is grinded to the end.

copper pipe is used for a ferrule i used some turps equivalent to clean the wood then after letting that dry out for 24hrs I then rubbed some wax into the handle.

Materials Needed;

- hacksaw blade

- off cut of copper pipe or similar

- dowel large(to turn down)

- two part epoxy.



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    Tom HowbridgeQwertyfish

    Reply 3 years ago

    A used one helps as the teeth are duller so you have less to grinder away,also its best to extend the blade as far in as you can into the handle to prevent the blade from coming out with admittedly happens to me a few weeks after although an easy fix !