OpenSprinkler: Open-source Web-enabled Sprinkler Valve Controller

Introduction: OpenSprinkler: Open-source Web-enabled Sprinkler Valve Controller


I am proud to introduce OpenSprinkler: an open-source, programmable, web-enabled sprinkler valve controller. It can be used to schedule and work with standard 24VAC sprinkler valves commonly found in household watering and irrigation systems. You may be planning to buy or have already purchased a commercial sprinkler timer / controller, but chances are that these systems provide a limited set of fixed functionality, and have no web scheduling capability. These limitations are the main motivation of this project.

Basic features of the OpenSprinkler include:

- AVR Atmega328 MCU running at 8MHz, compatible with the open-source Arduino software.
- Microchip ENC28J60 Ethernet controller enables web-based scheduling, through either wired Ethernet connection, or WiFi connection if used with a WiFi repeater.
- Allows up to 8 water stations/zones, individually controlled (can be extended to 16 by adding a shift register).
- Powered directly from the 24VAC sprinkler transformer.
- The controller is compatible with most 24VAC household sprinkler valves.

Extendable features include:

- Reserved PCB slot for the RFM12B wireless transceiver, useful for wireless RF communications with sensors, battery-operated valves (coming soon), and remote-control units in the future.
- The triacs on board can also be used to switch other AC devices, or replaced with MOSFET/transistors to switch DC devices.
- The power supply design works with both AC and DC power input.

Most importantly, it comes as an open-source kit, so you can feel free to build it, program it, modify it, or hack it! This project requires some soldering tools and skills, but even if you have never soldered before, it should be pretty easy to get started. The design of the schematic, PCB, and parts list can be found on the project description page at:

You can follow the design to make your own PCB or simply buy a kit from:

Video Demo

Below is a video demo of the project. More video demos showing how to use the controller to switch other devices (light bulbs, power switches etc.) can be found on my website. Check them out!

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4 years ago

OpenSprinkler is the reason to do home automation! OpenSprinkler has evolved significantly since this was posted in 2011. I bought and installed the latest version, which came preassembled. I added a Raspberry Pi. My irrigation system was already in place. I replaced my brand name irrigation controller with OpenSprinkler and added a Rain/Freeze sensor. OpenSprinkler has numerous features (web interface, weather, rain sensor).