Opening a Beer Bottle the Manly Way


Introduction: Opening a Beer Bottle the Manly Way

There are several ways to open an ice cold Beer. There is only one manly way.
You will need...
1) a Shiner Bock
2) a titanium or tungsten ring
3) a pair of manly hands

Step 1: Manning Up

Firmly grasp the bottle of beer with you dominant hand. In my case both hands are dominant. Next place your other hand on top of the beer cap. Hook the edge of the beer cap with the inside edge of your ring. Apply pressure to the cap It should pop right off. Now you are ready to enjoy an ice cold beer. Prosit!!!



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    4 Discussions

    Twist tops are rare in the UK so - grab your bottle firmly by the neck, very firmly. Slip a bic lighter under the lip of the cap and lever it off against your thumb.

    Just because it's a twist top doesn't mean you can't open it like a man

    shiner is a twist top...


    4 years ago

    Firmly grasp it!

    13, 6:45 PM.jpg