Opening a Coke or Beer With a Standard Swingline Stapler





Introduction: Opening a Coke or Beer With a Standard Swingline Stapler

I was sitting at my desk working hard. I hear over our shop radio, a familiar sound heard every day at 10:00am. “Taco Lady at the Body shop”.  I went to the back of the shop and bought a Mexican Coke. I walked back to my desk and looked down realizing I didn’t have a bottle opener.  I started looking around my office for something to open it.  I grabbed my stapler and opened the lid.

I am entering this in the (Back to School Contest) because college students love corona and might find themselves at a party with no bottle opener.
I am also entering this in the (Office Supplies Contest)

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Step 1:

When you open the lid you will see a cutout that resembles a bottle opener. Just position the bottle cap in the opening that is on the staple tray. Apply light pressure and the bottle cap should pop off easily. This actually works better the bottle opener I have at home.

Step 2: THE END


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    My Swingline is, unfortunately, not so well equipped...

    May be time to break out the Dremel... ;)

    Cool but, for beer, shouldn't that say: "Lift cap to get loaded"?