Opening a Resealable Bag

Introduction: Opening a Resealable Bag

Don't you love resealable bags - when they work...

Don't you hate them when you can't get them open again?

Bags of ood staples commonly come with "Ziploc" - style closures built right into the packaging. In principle this is great.

However, in practice it can be frustrating getting the bags open because your fingers often need more purchase than the narrow edges allow.

I have a little tip to make dealing with these babies a little less frustrating - particularly the ones you open and close numerous times.

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Step 1: Cut a Notch on Each Edge of the Opening

When you first open the package, cut as little of the top edge (labelled "Cut Here") as you can.

Then cut a little notch in each edge (lip) of the opening, offset a little, so you can get both your thumbs working for you and to open the seal...

Step 2: Open With Ease!

It's not worth modifying bags you will throw out, but this little trick lets me ease into the morning oatmeal ritual without my blood pressure rising as I curse sociopathic packaging engineers.

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