Operating Huge Roman Numeral Clock

The purpose of this Instructable is to walk through the operations for setting the time on the Huge Roman Numeral Clock. The high-torque movement used in this project was very simple, so things like accounting for daylight savings time were not necessary to set the time. In all, it was a very easy process for setting the time.

Tools Used: None (outside of those needed to build the clock itself)

Materials Used: High-torque movement clock motor, large clock hands (12” minute hand), and 1 AA battery

Step 1: Set to Noon

With the clock hands attached to the high-torque movement motor, wind the hands until they are at noon. It’s best to cycle the hands through a 12-hour period to see if there are any interference between the hands or between the hands and the face of the clock.

Step 2: Set Time

With the hands set to noon, use the time-adjust knob on the back of the motor, adjust to the current time.

Step 3: Insert Battery

Insert one AA battery.

Step 4: Mount Clock

Mount the clock and enjoy!



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