Operation Desert Storm Sun Compass

Introduction: Operation Desert Storm Sun Compass

This instructable is about building and using a Sun Compass which have long been used in Desert Combat for off-road patrols and raids since WW2 and as recently as Operation Desert Storm.

Go to my website www.mldeb.com and get the Paper Kit which consists of 3 pages to print out. You will also need at least a bit of cork and a wool needle. If you're going to use it a lot you could also consider laminating the pages first.

Carefully cutout the dials for the kit. Some good scissors may have a slight curve in them and this helps keeping things accurate.


SAS Desert Storm http://www.jebelsherif.org/index.php?article_id=96...

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Step 1: Print and Cutout the Paper Kit

Print and cutout the kit

Step 2: Kit Assembly

With all the pieces cut out start to skewer in the following order (smallest to largest)

1. course setting dial is first

2. next, the shadow dial

3. next, the Azimuth dial

4. next, the Lubber card

4. finally, anchor the needle into the cork.

If your using a large wool needle you may need to pinch the eye closed.

All the dials are labelled so as not to get confusing.

Step 3: How Your Sun Compass Should Look

This is how your assembled sun compass should look

Step 4: The Sun Compass From Another Angle

The assembled Sun Compass from a different angle

Instructions from my website www.mldeb.com on how to

1. obtain some simple Sun Azimuth data required for operation

2. steer on a bearing whilst on your "desert patrol" - alternatively just go for a walk on a sunny day :)

Have fun!

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    3 years ago

    Went to the website. Looked for a way to D/L the pdf files or email request them. Unable to find anything.



    5 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice!

    You can upload files like that to share right here on site. Just add it the same way as a photo, and it'll show up at the end of the step. That's a nice gesture that people appreciate. Just a tip! :)