Operation of a John Deere Front Loader/ Backhoe Tractor




                These instructions are to assist in the safe and efficient operation of a John Deere Front Loader/Backhoe tractor. They are not to be used as the sole operational guidelines. Limited knowledge is expected, but safety and discretion is advised.  The following will assist in the starting, driving, operation of the front loader, and operation of the backhoe.  All Warnings are to be followed along with one’s own precautions, as misuse of machinery or limited discretion could cause serious injury or even death.

Step 1: Danger

Danger: Improper operation of this machinery may cause severe injury or death to operator or others nearby. Keep all non-operators a safe distance away.  These warning apply to all modes of operations.

Step 2: Starting


a.      Insert Key into keyhole

b.      Turn Key to the right.

c.       Push throttle forward roughly 1/4”

d.      Depress Brakes and Clutch

e.      Press Ignition Button right above key.

f.        Engine will have started, and then push throttle all the way forward.

Step 3: Driving

a.       Start Engine

b.      Press Clutch all the way down

c.       Move Drive stick left of the steering wheel out of neutral into Drive by pushing it forward

d.      Take left stick that is between legs and move it right then up until it locks.

e.      Take right stick between legs and move it left then up until it locks

f.        With both sticks in position slowly release clutch while gently pressing down gas.

g.       You will now start to move slowly

h.      To move to next gear, press clutch while moving and move right stick straight down until it locks, keeping left stick in position

i.         Then release clutch, tractor is now in second gear

j.        To move to third, press clutch and move right stick up, right, and then down until it locks.

k.       Release clutch and now in third gear

l.         To move to fourth press clutch and move right stick straight up until it locks, then release clutch

m.    Now to go to fifth gear, press clutch and move left stick down, left, down until it locks.

n.      With clutch still pressed move right stick down, left, and up until it locks.

o.      Release clutch and now tractor is in fifth.

p.      To go to gears six through eight follow directions 7 through 11 respectively.

Step 4: Reversing and Parking

a.       These directions apply to reverse, but drive stick must be pulled back

b.      To stop press clutch and then put all gears into neutral and press brakes.

c.       To park then, put drive stick into original neutral position, put on parking brake, and turn key off.

Step 5: Front Loader Operations

Danger: Operator should always stay in cab while tractor is running, and spectators should be kept at no less than 30 feet away from operations. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or even death.

Step 6: Loading Bucket

a.       Start Engine

b.      Begin Driving

c.       To operate bucket, you will use control stick on right side in front of throttle

d.      Operation motions include, pulling stick back raises arm

e.      Pushing Stick forward lowers arm

f.        Moving stick left raises the bucket

g.       Moving Stick right dumps bucket

h.      When loading, move tractor to lowest gear

Step 7: Loading Technique

a.       For optimal loading, point end of bucket slightly toward the ground

b.      Then lower arm to where bucket just touches ground

c.       Drive tractor towards the load

d.      As bucket begins collecting material, slowly raise arm and bucket simultaneously as you move into the load.

e.      Shift Tractor into reverse and continue doing motion until bucket is filled to desired height

f.        Then drive load to desired place, raise arm and then dump bucket.

Step 8: Backhoe Operations

Danger: Operator should always stay in cab while tractor is running, and spectators should be kept at no less than 30 feet away from operations. Failure to do so could result in serious injury or even death.

Step 9: Parking for Use

a)      Start Engine

b)      Reverse Tractor into position where backhoe is to be used

c)       Keep engine running, and put drive stick into neutral position

d)      Take gears sticks out of any drive position

e)      Engage parking brake

f)       Make bottom of front loader parallel with ground

g)      Lower front loader so that is rests on ground.

h)      Lower front loader arm a little more so as to lift front tires of ground slightly

Step 10: To Face Backhoe

a)      Then, take handle on left side of seat and pull back

b)      Then push seat back, so that it will rotate around to face back of tractor

c)       Then push seat forward so that it locks into position facing back of tractor

Step 11: Stabilizing Tractor


a)      Take the farthest stick on right and farthest on left and push forward to lower stabilizing legs

b)      Keep pushing until back wheels are lifted off the ground.

Step 12: Operating Backhoe

a)      To operate, there are two control sticks in the center, that control bucket, arm swing, and control of both extension of arms

b)      Taking the left center control and moving it left or right moves entire arm left or right

c)       Pulling back on left control will move the arm directly attached to the tractor up

d)      Pushing left control stick forward will move arm directly attached to the tractor outwards

e)      Taking the right control stick, and moving it left will make the bucket scoop up

f)       Moving the right control stick left will make the bucket open towards the ground

g)      Pulling back on right control stick will fold arm that is attached to the main arm in.

h)      Pushing forward on right control still will extend the secondary arm.

i)        Use of the controls together takes practice, but can be used to learn to scoop and move loads with the backhoe.

Step 13: Other Uses

The use of this tractor is simply not limited to digging, loading, and dumping. It can also be used to pull things vertically or horizontally.  Both buckets can be used to grade ground, so as to level it out or even to compact earth. These uses are to be used carefully, and as to not over exert so much force that the tractor cannot handle it.



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe videos would be useful, visually linking control movements with machine reactions.