Operation of a Sideroll Sprinkler System


Introduction: Operation of a Sideroll Sprinkler System

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This video will guide you step by step through moving and setting the sideroll sprinkler system to irrigate a dry section of hay field.  Even if you never operate a sideroll irrigation system, it's interesting to know how one works.

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    Cool video! Very informative. I'm sure others out there would appreciate even more farm "know how" videos. Keep 'em coming!!

    huh. I always wondered whether those things moved by themselves or not; now I know. Thanks. The whole "scale" of farm operations compared to what I do in my back yard is a bit mind boggling...

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    Thank you, ZE. I've been lurking for a couple of years and decided to finally post an instructable. I hope a few people can benefit from this video.