Optical Lens for Swimming Goggles




First, I removed two optical lenses from my old eyeglass.

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Step 1: A Cord of Sugru

Using sugru, I made a small adhesive cord that has a length which is equal to twice the diameter of each lens.

Step 2: Hint !

Both lenses fit inside the underwater goggles as you can see from the previous images :)

Step 3: Entourage

Surround the lens with sugru and apply pressure to fix it inside the goggles.

Step 4: Optical Goggles Ready for Use !

.. and do your best to remove the additional sugru outside the frame . Finally, I have optical underwater swimming goggles :D

This was done as part of the Instructables, July 2013 Build Night with SUGRU -  LambaLabs Hackerspace event, Beirut !

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    6 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    This should work ok for low prescriptions. For higher plus or minus prescriptions, say above plus or minus 4.00, the goggle frame would have to mimic:
    1. vertex distance, the distance from the lens to the eye.
    2. pupillary distance and height, an optical point on the lens that's usually placed directly over your pupil.
    3. "wrap" of your eyeglasses, the amount of curve in the frame as it crosses your face. The higher your script, the more significantly deviations from the original frame will change the power and resultant prism in the lenses. Folks with higher prescriptions are the ones who would most want to try this, just be aware that those higher prescriptions would require a careful choice of goggles in order to be able to see out of them. Also, I'd not trust Sugru to keep those lenses in place as water depth (pressure) increases. You could end up with a lens in your eye. Good instructional so long as these limitations are followed.

    4 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Hello coptician,

    Thank you for your comment !
    As you can see, I chose a goggle that has a frame which is very close to the shape of the eyeglasses. Also, it has different levels from inside, so that the lens will not fall at the bottom and it will maintain the vertex distance. There is an edge which facilitates the placement of the lens, and with pressure, it can be fixed without even using sugru. However, sugru will bind the lens and the frame and resists separation due to water or any other external factors. This method was applied for higher prescriptions and it seems that it is fully working.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Wouldn't you also need to adjust the prescription because you have water instead of air on the outside surface? The reflection/refraction angles would be different for water to glass than for air to glass. Or is this difference small enough to be negligible? I would expect the prescription would end up being wrong when using them.
    Perhaps you'd want to get a set of lenses made for underwater use?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    That wouldn't be necessary. Some prism will be created (like when you look at a fish from above the water, the fish isn't located exactly where it looks like it is), but since everything you're looking at through the goggles is similarly displaced, the resultant prism will not be disorienting. That would be the case with any goggle, prescription or plano. Also, the water will not influence refraction any more or less than it would if a perfectly sighted person looked under water wearing plano goggles.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Most people who require corrective lenses underwater have a similar problem, so should your prescription fall between two lens strengths, go for the weaker of the two as the water itself offers some magnification.

    Please note that pre-made prescription lenses don't correct astigmatism, most people who have astigmatism can function quite well with a spherical (meaning "without astigmatism") correction in the water !