Optimising Hangers With Sugru

Introduction: Optimising Hangers With Sugru

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Wooden wishbone hangers are very nice but sometimes a little slippy for certain clothes, especially if your hangers are the varnished ones!

Using Sugru we can add some non-slip grip:

- to the crossbar of the hanger to stop folded trousers sliding off into the bottom of the wardrobe.

- to create end-stops on the shoulders of the hanger to prevent strappy tops / dresses from sliding off.

Step 1: Adding End Stops to the Shoulders of Wishbone Hangers

Sometimes strappy tops / dresses won't stay on a wishbone hanger without a little help.

I used Sugru straight from the packet but if exact colour matches are important in your project you can knead together 2 or more 'base' colours, there's even a handy colour-chart inside the retail packaging to help with this.

Divide the Sugru into 2 equi-sized pieces (one for each shoulder of the hanger).

Kneading by hand helps the Sugru soften up ready for moulding / forming.

Position your end stop on the hanger. Any shape you like!

Step 2: Adding Non-slip Grip to the Cross Bar of Wishbone Hangers

Use a knife to extract a small amount of Sugru from the packet.

Roll the Sugru on a clean flat work surface to create a little ball of Sugru.

Position the Sugru ball and press down to ensure adhesion.

Repeat until the crossbar has been covered with these little dots.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome project! I'd love to feature it if you added a main image with the hanger in use - with a strappy top and the sugru holding it on.



    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi! Thank you, I have changed the main project image.