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Introduction: Optimize Room

Hello all

What are you doing if you don't have enough space for reading, working, sleeping and in all aspects for living.

This is our room(me and my brother) and we optimize it for living?

What can we do with a small room for two person with many things?

It was the first question

and the answer was ((make a place for everything)).
We spent first step for measuring and deciding.

Before deciding, I made a bicycle hanger ;some of the spaces we had, was under bicycle, wall, top of wardrobe and a 12 m^2 room. I don't have any images of the process.but will show you what did we made

Please be with my first instructable to show you our room

Step 1: Worktable

Two table merge to one table for hand working and PC working.Before trying to work on a table, I complete projects on the floor.It was hard; so Working on a small table, amazing for me but not pleasant for everybody.

You can use curtain rods for hanging something;in this case I use it as a hangar for airplanes.

Step 2: Bicycle and Sports

Generally in a small place hanging is the best way to embed everything with no shrinking environment.


((Deprivation brings creativity)) a friend said to me and it's right; if you have big place you can choose everywhere for everything but if you have a small place, you don't have a choice, you should create yours.

Step 3: Make Rack

Everybody have things that does not need them every time but should be available.

a rack on top of the room is ok for this.in fact everywhere on top of the room can be a rack.

Step 4: Bed and Sleeping

A small place need a small bed, and simple sofa can use for this.


I hope you can use this ideas in your room.

P.S: It's my first instructables and first English writing.please tell me if you enjoy or see some mistakes.




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    Thank you .I hope this doing for you.

    Beautiful eyes see beautiful things

    It's a Persian style of rug.

    I enjoyed your instructable very much. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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    You're welcome

    I am glad for your enjoyment .