Orange Cheesecake



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I made a new york cheese cake with a kick of orange!
Orange available all year long and has lot of Vitamin C
I used Oreo crumb instead of Graham cracker,
it gives a great color contrast to the cake

Step 1: The Cake

Orange Cheesecake ingridents:

Oreo crumb 120g
Unsalted butter (melted) 70g
Cream cheese (room temperature) 450g
Eggs (room temperature) 5
Orange juice 2 Tsp
Sugar 60g
Orange jam 60g
2X 6inch baking pans OR miffin tins with cupcake liners

Step 2: 6 Steps!

Simple 6 steps

1- Mix melted butter with Oreo crumb, use a spoon to flatten it on the baking pan, keep in the freezer
2- Beat the cream cheese until light and fluffy, add sugar, continue mixing
3- Slowly add eggs to the cream cheese mixture, one at a time, add orange juice and jam at the end and stir well
4- Pour the mixture in the baking pan
5- Bake in the hot water bath 260'F for 1 hr
6- Run a pairing knife around the edge let it cool and put in the fridge

Step 3: Topping

Make this cake like a pro!

What you will need?

sugar 1/2 cup
water 2Tsp
5 slices of thin orange

1- Cook the sugar and water in medium heat, drop the orange slices
2- On a low heat cook for 15min, turn frequently
3- Cool on a baking sheet before moving on the cake

Voila, you have made a super Orange Cheesecake!

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