Orange Chicken & Rice




Introduction: Orange Chicken & Rice

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 Simple 30 minute meal!

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Step 1: What You Need!

 Garlic one clove.
Wooden spoon
Chicken tenders (the raw not breaded)
Iron Chef Orange Sauce (or other sauces can be homemade but it wont be ORANGE chicken)
Fry pan
Olive Oil (EVOO Rachael Ray Fans)
rice cooker

Step 2: Start the Rice!

 cook about 3 cups of rice, use the instructions given with your cooker.

Step 3: EVOO! (extra Virgin Olive Oil)

 add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan. the olive oil can be substituted for any other cooking oils (almost). turn the heat on medium, medium low.

Step 4: Dice It Up

 Dice the chicken,



Step 5: HOT PANS!

 throw all the diced foods named in step 3 into the HOT pan. saute until chicken is done. stirring with spoon or spatula.

Step 6: Garlic

 either use a garlic press or mince your garlic and put on top AFTER chicken is fully cooked.

Step 7: Saucey!

 you can now add your sauce and set the stove top to 2 or low until the rice is done, or serve when ready.

once you are done stirring , you can add the cashews on top (they are optional) and enjoy!

Step 8: Done

 I hope you like this _________(enter sauce here if made your own)________ chicken.


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