Orange Chocolate Crepe Cake



Introduction: Orange Chocolate Crepe Cake

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delicious Orange flavoured crepes in between layers of Orange chocolate mousse.

Step 1: Ingredients.

1 container cool whip or home made whipped cream( my cooking stuff is still in Saskatchewan so I'm using cool whip)
1 Orange- zest and juice
2 cups semi sweet chocolate or milk chocolate
1/2 cup milk

Step 2: Double Droiler

set up a large pot of water to simmer. place a metal bowl that fits nicely on top.
add the chocolate chips to the bowl.

Step 3: Bring on the Goodness

melt the chocolate. when just melted add the zest, orange juice and milk. stir until well mixed then let rest for 15 minutes to cool off.

Step 4: Whip It.

add your whipped cream and stir like crazy.

Step 5: Assemble.

make sure to use cold crepes. if they are even a little bit warm, they will melt the mousse. I used Orange flavoured crepes. set one on a plate, slather with mousse, all the way to the edges but not to thick. repeat until you run out of crepes.

Step 6: Finish It

with the remaining mousse "ice" the cake.
refrigerate until ready to serve.

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