Orange Electricity!!!!!!!

Introduction: Orange Electricity!!!!!!!

What do you need?
3 copper wire connectors.
2 oranges.
2 paperclips.
2 pennies.
Something to be powered by the oranges.

What to do next:
1. Attach one penny to the end of one copper wire, and a paper clip to the other end. 
2. On the other two wires, attach the remaining paper clip and penny, Leaving one free end on each wire. 
3. Cut two small slits in each Oranges for the wires. 
4. Put the wires with the open ends on opposite oranges, and the other wire connecting the oranges together. making a paper clip, and a penny in each orange. 
5. Connect the wires that are left open to something that you would like to power. (Keep in mind the oranges only put out a small amount of electricity. To increase Voltage, add more oranges.)
6. Have Fun and Enjoy!

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    4 years ago

    that's so cool!