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Introduction: Orange Kisses

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Orange Kisses: A delicious treat, that is great to share with your husband, or wife on valentine's day! With a creamy icing toping and crunchy base it's a very special treat!

Step 1: Gather Supplies



1. 250g butter

2. 200g brown or white sugar (One cup)

3. One can (397g) condense milk

4. 30ml orange juice (Two table spoons)

5. Pinch of salt

6. Two packs (200g each) Marie biscuits

7. 160g Desiccated coconut (Two cups)


1. 260g Icing sugar (Two cups)

2. 50ml Orange juice (Three table spoons)

You will also need:

1. Bowls

2. Spoons

3. Measuring cups

4. Potato masher

5. Can opener

6. Scale

7. Non-stick spray

8. Sieve

9. Baking tray (35cm x 25cm)

Step 2: Add Butter, Sugar, Orange Juice, Condense Milk and a Pinch of Salt to a Glass Bowl

Note: Be sure to use a glass bowl.

Step 3: Melt and Stir

Heat the mixture in a microwave untill the butter is melted and the sugar is dissolved. Stir it a bit also.

Step 4: Mash Biscuits and Add Coconut

Step 5: Add Biscuit Mixture to Butter Mixture and Mix Well

Step 6: Add Mixture to Baking Tray and Flatten Evenly

Spray baking tray before adding mixture.

Note: Spray outside while holding can away!

Step 7: Let It Cool

Tip: Let it cool in a refrigerator.

Step 8: Mix Icing Sugar and Orange Juice

Sieve the icing sugar. Add the lemon juice and mix well.

Step 9: Spread Over the Base

Step 10: Cool Till Icing Is Stiffened and Cut Into Squares

Step 11: Enjoy!

Enjoy your orange kisses!. Store in refrigerator. Serve chilled.

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    shoe!! this is nice! deadly....


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    Thanks! Sure is...

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    4 years ago

    Sounds good! Love orange flavored treats :)


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