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Introduction: Orange Led Cube 4x4x4

Hello Everyone

Are You bored of making simple electronic stuff and want to make something advance or looking for a simple yet intelligent gift, then you should give it a shot, this instructable will take you through the Orange Led Cube,f you have a bunch of LED Bulbs lying extra well here is where you can use them, So we'll go step by step, grab your soldering iron and list of components and lets get started .

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Step 1: First Thing First

Clear Of your Work Bench and make some space, if you are like me you can work anywhere, then grab a cola and relax, but if you want you can clean off your table put everything back to place and get ready for the next step

Make sure you Grab the following components

I have listed the international shipping links too if you want

1) 5mm Orange LED (Diffused)

2) Soldering PCB for the Base

3)Connecting Wires

And some basic electronic tools too

i.e Soldering Station, wire stripper, Soldering Lead

Once everything is set, go to the next step

Step 2: The LED Arrangement

So before getting started, we need to know what are we building, so basically, we are making a led cube with 4x4x4 3D matrix design. its small easy and looks well . So ill tell you the best way to get started , make groups of LED , Make Groups of 16 led Group . Make 4 Such Groups .

Now We Will Make A base frame to hold the design of led and arrange them properly .

Step 3: Making Your First Layer of Led

make A grid Arrangement on a piece of cardboard and arrange led on the holes and connect all the +ve terminals of the led together in the layer. After doing this All you need to do is carefully remove the layer and repeat the step again to make similar 3 layers .

Step 4: Joining the Layers Together

Honestly is extremely tricky and you need to have a very good hand in soldering to do this if you can't ask a senior or a professional to connect the whole mesh for you.

You need to make sure that you don't short circuit anything because getting back is very tricky .

Step 5: Adding Your Arduino

I am using an Arduino pro mini for this project with female headers on the base for the easy change of the Arduino, or maybe if want to use the Arduino in some other project I can do that easily. soldering an Arduino permanently is not a good idea.

Follow the circuit diagram to know the arrangement of the base wiring

Go to My Github Channel and grab the code.

Don't Forget to give it a thumbs up and if you have any doubts ill be happy to help

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    2 years ago

    cool project but can you show the way you bent the legs on the led's before soldering them together...


    2 years ago

    That looks good, thanks for sharing :)