Orange Peel Air-Gun



This is a pea shooter we made as kids. Eye protection recommended if used in battle.

Step 1: Materials

1) Orange or any citrus with a thick peel.

2) "Crystal" Bic Pen

Step 2: Ammo

Peel the Orange

Step 3: Eat the Orange

No use wasting good food.

Step 4: Disassemble the Pen

The plug on the bottom doesn't pop out like the use to, it was rather tricky getting it out. You need to keep the end intact

Step 5: Create the Air Chamber

Press the tube into the peel so a piece of the peel is stuffed tight into the end.

Step 6: Setting the Plunge Trigger

With the ink cartridge push the peel to the narrow end of the tube.

Step 7: Load the Ammo

Repeat step 5 and leave the second piece of peel at the end

Step 8: Ready to Launch

Now cover the tiny hole on the side of the pen tube with your finger so that you will create an air chamber.

Step 9: Shoot

Next use the ink cartidge and and insert it back into the tube at the narrow end. Push it really quickly and the peel on the end should "pop" out and fly 10-20 feet. Push the plunger peel back into position to repeat.



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