Orange Peel Skewers




Introduction: Orange Peel Skewers

Make an organic and biodegradable centre piece! An easy and satisfying use of your leftover orange peels - smells great and adds a colourful accent to your table.

Step 1: Materials and Equipment:

  • orange
  • skewers
  • hands! (scissors optional)

Step 2: Peel Your Orange

Thick navel orange peels work just as well as thin mandarin orange peels for this project, but the mandarin oranges are much, much easier to peel!

Using one orange per skewer, make a pile of orange peel pieces with a somewhat uniform size, ranging from 3/4 -1" in diameter - note the edges will be quite uneven, which I like! If you prefer something more uniform, you can use scissors to cut the peel into a particular shape, like a triangle.

Whatever size or shape the pieces end up being, they will still look great stacked on a skewer.

Step 3: Thread the Skewer

Beginning with the bottom pieces, add orange peel pieces one at a time, sliding them down the skewer pausing to admire and eat your orange from time to time.

Step 4: Plant Your Orange Skewers!

Stick your orange peel skewers in a plant pot on your table and enjoy!

Note: The orange peel pieces will shrink and darken a bit as they dry, but will still hold tight to the skewer.

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3 years ago

Oooh, such a fresh and fun idea. Looks nice, too. Thanks for sharing!