The Orbital Sandpaper Caddy With Self-Alignment




Introduction: The Orbital Sandpaper Caddy With Self-Alignment

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If there is one thing I hate (there are many actually), it's clutter and a messy shop.  That is two things ... nevermind.

I predominately use 3 grits of sandpaper with my orbital sander.  80, something else, and something else.  I was tired of them sitting on a table only to fall off, or trying to use the packaging as some kind of clever tray when it wasn't.

I decided to make a caddy, which I could hang on my storage wall with a French cleat.

Step 1: Plywood and Then Some Holes

Grab some plywood.  Mine was scrap 3/4" plywood, which ripped to 5 1/8" x 16".   Mine holds 3 rows of discs.  If you want more, make the board longer, or wider and do two rows.

Draw a center line lengthwise.  Use that to line up your discs and trace three holes each.  You could go more, but I see no reason.  Three looks like a face and who doesn't like that?

3/8" dowel rod fits the holes prefectly, therefore I drilled my holes with a 3/8" forstner bit.  I went 1/2" deep, but you can do whatever you want.

Step 2: I Painted the Board

I decided I wanted this board black, but not the pegs, so I painted it at this step.  If you want to assemble it all first and then finish it, that is a good idea as well.

My pegs are 2 1/2" long so I can get a full pack of each grit on here.  Also, I hand chamfered the edge of the dowel (with sandpaper ironically) so the paper would slide on easier.

Step 3: Glue in the Pegs

Little bit of glue in each hole and a few light taps with a mallet = done.

I gave it a few coats of spray lacquer for protection.

Step 4: Hang It and Use It

I initially had this screwed directly to the wall, but added a French cleat once I went that direction for shop storage.  That works out well because I can move it around or even take it to my work table.  Also, I went vertical to work better in my space, but horizontal could be cool as well.

The added bonus is the three pegs can function as a self-alignment jig to get the paper perfectly lined up on the pad and with the dust collection holes.  Of you can just take a disc off the wall and put it on by hand, but you know it won't be perfect and you'll try a few times.



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    Nice! I dig the integrated hanger for the orbital sander.

    Brilliant. Making one tomorrow!

    It'll be a suspended holder.
    A fancy version of this photo with sandpaper storage. It's not an original idea but maybe I'll make an instructable. it's pretty far down my project list so it won't be for a while. :)

    3 replies

    My shed is extremely dusty and shavings are every where constantly, (boat building). I use this sander frequently, and the problem for me is to keep the hooks clean. A combination of an envelope and short pegs on a board as you have done, would work well for me. Putting on a disk on the pegs only when required, and keeping the others clean in the envelope, would work for me. Thanks for the heads up!

    Maybe you can make a peg holder like this and then make a plywood cover on hinges on the top that'll protect the sandpaper from dust. When you need a new sheet you lift the cover, get the sheet you need and let the cover close again.
    With all that dust make sure your wearing a dust mask. Not those crappy ones with the rubber bands, a good one and eye protection.

    I like it. I think I'll add a cleat to the back so I can store it and the sander on the wall when not in use.

    Nice Work!!!
    I've had plans for a while to build a sander holder to put the sander on while it's still spinning. This will be a great & simple addition to that project.

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    Thanks. A tray style holder or a suspension style? I'd be interested in seeing it once complete.

    Geez, my forehead just got flatter from hitting it with my palm of my hand. Great idea ,I can't believe I didn't think of something like this. Thank you so much for sharing this simple project. I'm going to build one right now.

    Nice work. I just keep mine in an unorganized stack with all the grits mixed up. This is a great solution.

    Also, I love that diablo sandpaper. It's the best there is.