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Introduction: Order by Touch Menu With Makey Makey

This demonstrates using a simple pencil drawn menu to create an order by touch restaurant menu. The project was built at the maker space of the Omaha Maker Group. The menu ordering program was built in Scratch 2.0 from MIT.

Bill of Materials

Step 1: Connecting the Makey Makey to Your PC

Use the USB cable included with the Makey Makey kit to connect the interface board to your PC.

Step 2: Connect the Earth (Ground) Wire to the Makey Makey

Using the wires with alligator clips provided, connect one wire to one of the "Earth" connections on the interface board.

Step 3: Add the First Interface Wire to the Makey Makey and Test

Clip a wire to the up arrow connections on the Makey Makey board. Now hold the alligator clip connected to ground in one hand, and touch the end of the wire connected to the up arrow with the other. If your connection is working, you should see the green LED above the connection light up. (see photo)

Step 4: Create Your Menu Drawing

Using your #2 or other graphite pencil, draw four different food items and a TOTAL sign on the 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Make sure that the drawing has lines placed close enough so that you will touch multiple pencil line when you touch the drawing. When you are done with your food items, draw a thick, heavy line from the food item to the edge of the paper. This will act as the connection back to the Makey Makey board.

Step 5: Connect the Menu to the Makey Makey and Test

Select five different color wires from the Makey Makey kit. Connect one end of wires to each of the four menu items and the "Total" button. Connect the other end of the food item wires to one of the arrow ports (up, down left or right) on the Makey Makey board. Connect the "total" key to the "space" connector on the Makey Makey board.

To test your touch menu, Hold the "earth" connection in one hand and touch the menu items with a finger on the other hand. You should see the appropriate green LED light up on the Makey Makey board. If you are not completing the circuit with your finger, try moistening your fingertip slightly to improve conductivity. l

Step 6: Run the Menu With the "simple_restaurant" Scratch Program

Start the Simple Restaurant Program on the Scratch website. You can edit or "remix" the program to match the foods that you drew on your menu, change the prices, and change the comments of the waiter. Experiment and enjoy!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a wonderful use of a makey makey! Never thought to do this before.