Oreo Birthday Cake

Introduction: Oreo Birthday Cake

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So, a friend is having another birthday... And he told me he wanted nothing for his birthday. But, since we are in school on his birthday, I asked if he would like a cake at least, just so he can nibble on it through class to feel not as down. And thus, this creation was born!

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Step 1: What Ya Need to Get Started!

You Need:
- 2 6" round cakes (I used one chocolate and one vanilla)

- Whipped cream (easy to make, use some heavy whipping cream, a bit of sugar and a splash of vanilla)

- Small offset spatula

- Strawberries or other fresh fruits (optional)

- Oreo cookies (1 package)

- 3 boxes of Oreo Funstix (these are kinda hard to use, be careful not to snap them!)

- The person's favorite color of ribbon to make a pretty bow at the end (I am using blue)

- Some chocolate to melt

- A playlist (at least 24 hours of musik) to make sure you stay sane and happy during the process. I recommend some "happy" musik that makes you feel good.

- Patience, time and perfection.

Let's get going!

Step 2: Putting the Cakes Together!!

1. Mix your batter, pour into prepared pans and bake till done. (Just follow your directions!)

2. Now, as the cakes are cooling, whip up the whipping cream so it forms soft peaks. If you bought pre-made, then you can skip this step!

3. If you are using berries, cut them up! Make sure they are bite sized. If you are not using them, skip this step.

4. The cakes should be cool by now, so take your starting base, put it on a pretty cake circle (the grease resistant ones are amazing!) and start to spread a nice layer of whipped cream on the top of the cake. Add in fresh berries and make some walls around the berries to make sure the juice does not leak where you do not want it to.

5. After you made the filling, put the second cake on top of the other one and presto! This step is done! 

Step 3: Adding the Walls!!!

The walls refer to the Oreo Stix around the cake and tied together all pretty like. To do that...

1. Take out some Oreo stix. I did a box at a time.

2. Take some chocolate and melt it over water or in the microwave or however you want to make your chocolate. Melt small amounts but not too small. Okay? It hardens fast in cool environments.

3. Taking your chocolate, use the small offset spatula and put some of the chcolate on the cake. Only a small portion or else the chocolate will melt and would be wasted! Now, press on an oreo stick and hold it there for a couple seconds. It will now be stuck to the cake via chocolate.

4. Do this all around the cake, cutting the sticks to height as you go along or ahead of time. I did it as I went along since it added some small Oreo flakes to the cake. Delicious.

Step 4: Final Touches!!!!

1. Cut your ribbon (in this case I used tulle) to size. Wrap it around the finished cake and tie it off. Now, cut some more ribbon and make a pretty bow (or you can just make a bow using one piece of ribbon) and put it on the first piece. Pretty bow!

2. With your whipped cream, smother the cake with it, adding enough to have it compliment the cake. Next, take some reserved berries, slice them, and put them where you want them (can skip that if you do not want berries.)

3. Lastly, crumble some Oreo cookies and put them on top. And there is an Oreo birthday cake.

Congratulations, you just made an Oreo cake. Delicious.

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