Oreo Ice Cream Recipe

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See how to make super simple oreo icecream recipe. This icecream recipe will leave you drooling. Learn how to make this simple Oreo Icecream at home. This is eggless icecream recipe.

Below is the detailed written recipe as well:Ingredients:Oreo Biscuits (Any flavour) - 10-15 pcsVanilla/ Strawberry Icecream - 350 mlMethod:1. Roughly crush Oreo biscuits into small pcs.2. Soften the ice cream so take it our at room temperature half an hour before.3. Mix crushed Oreo biscuits into softened ice cream. Pour the Oreo icecream mixture into kulfi moulds or box and freeze it overnight or at-least for 8-10 hours.4. Once set, remove the Oreo ice cream from kulfi moulds. Serve immediately.



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