Oreo Prank

Introduction: Oreo Prank

I am a creator and am a ghost and scorpion pepper grower and also like to invent complicated ways...

Step 1: Materials

You will need Oreos, toothpaste, a knife and a freezer

Step 2: Step 2

Open one if the Oreos then scrape off the icing with the knife

Step 3: Step 3

Squirt a small amount of toothpaste on the Oreo, then squish the cookie till it is about as big as a normal cookie the bad Oreo on the left the good at the right

Step 4: Step 4

Place your toothpaste Oreos on a plate then put them in the freezer so the toothpaste gets harder then place back in the pack and wait



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    @John_the_Builder, I would imagine people will recognize it is toothpaste when they bite it!

    I am totally doing this to my friends. Everyone loves Oreos so this will be perfect! I don't have pure white toothpaste so I'll use cream cheese(plus,with everyone pooping their pants at the idea of eating toothpaste,this safer) That said, you gots my vote! :D

    Question, is Toothpaste safe to eat? I'm guessing that a little won't hurt, but let's say someone eats 5 or 6 of these cookies. Besides having fresh breath, could it cause health issues. I know the tube says to call the poison control center if small children swallow too much... Maybe limit your gag to making only one cookie to be Safe??
    I think they make Mint Oreo Cookies, so your victim may never know they were tainted until they puke up soap... Barf... Personally, I'd probably eat the entire bag and only complain that they were not Double-Stuff. PS, did you know if you separate 2 Double Stuff Oreo cookies, and smush them together, you get a Quadruple stuff Oreo.. If I were only not Diabetic...

    I used a mint toothpaste in a package of mint chocolate Oreos. The victim never even noticed, just kept chowing down on the cookies....

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    lol, it's a prank, besides, if it was just a tutorial on how to make cheap oreos, you'd have to buy the cookies anyway, so it wouldn't be very efficient, lol.

    Hahah I like it

    put hot sauce in center of oreo or ketchup or mustard or ??????? Use white silicone caulking to glue wafers together... make sure it is totally dry. use clear silicone calking to make the center section and put a dead bug in the center. make sure it is totally dry.

    No the amount on a cookie won't kill ,you would have to eat a whole tube of toothpaste WITH fluoride to be toxic, this small amount would just make you Toss your cookies

    it depends on the toothpaste and how much is put on. if you put about that much on the cookie, i doubt it could kill someone. also, the victim of the prank will probably spit the oreo out, and will not be potentaly poisoned.


    i like it, you could mix some cyan pepper with whip cream... hehe