Organic Courgette Zucchini Cake Recipe With Raw Cream Chantilly and Nasturtiums

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Is there a riot of fruit in your zucchini Summer squash patch? The let them make cake. This is a simple recipe for a delicious, moist, organic cake made from home-grown (including root ginger) and in the main, locally sourced ingredients. Easy to make and fun to decorate, a great center-piece for the afternoon tea table from Summer to the first frosts.

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Step 1: What to Do


Simple, healthy organic recipe, an alternative to carrot cake. We used the last fruits of our courgettes to make this delicious moist cake and so this versatile vegetable finishes the season in style. The ingredients are all organic and either home-grown or local -- apart from the sugar from Costa Rica. You could make this simple cake with all sorts of seasonal fruits and vegetables, just let your imagination run wild!

I get my certified organic ingredients from my local organic shop, which has a charter to source locally whenever possible.

8oz (225g) courgettes

A handful of preserved/crystallised ginger

6oz (175g) raw butter

6oz (175g) unrefined caster sugar

2 eggs

8oz (225g) plain flour

5g organic raising agent

(we do not have self-raising flour in France)

Oven Temperature 350 °F (180 °C)

Follow the instructions in the above film, which will take you through the recipe step-by-step

An expanded article on this recipe which has more still photographs can be found here

For further help or information on growing your own ginger see the two films above which show how we grow it in a cold climate. For any further information on crystallising your own ginger, please do ask either on here or an the article itself.

All the very best and hope you enjoy making it,

Pavlovafowl aka Sue

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    Wow that sounds delicious, and quite healthy. I always appreciate a way to slip zucchini into food, no one else in my household will eat them otherwise. Thanks for sharing!