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Using organic soil and heritage seed, they are started only with hydrogen peroxide instead to water to give them a jump start.

Step 1: Organic Fertilizer

Made from bone meal, Epsom salts, egg shells, and crushed aspirin to optimize growth without adding chemicals.

Step 2: First Transplant.

As the seedling get bigger, they need to be spread out and watered for the first time using distilled water and more natural fertilizer.

Step 3: Second Transplant.

Final growing space for the plants and more fertilizer with hydrogen peroxide to help stabilize them after transplanting.

Step 4: 5 Weeks

Already starting to see blossoms.

Step 5: 7 Weeks and Growing Well in a Souther Exposure.

Most plants already blossoming and ready for pollination.

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    3 years ago

    Your plants look like they grew wonderfully! Can you explain a little more about the transplanting process? For example, are there some basic tips to help make sure you don't kill the plant in the process?

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    I use surgical gloves and a sealed plastic knife to loosen the seedlings from their original cube. You never know what is on your hands or utensils so keep everything as clean as possible. Gently massage the roots to loosen the soil a little, but not too hard that the soil drops out or you could damage the roots. I use a sealed plastic spoon to make the hole in their new home slightly larger than the original cube and loosely backfill and dampen liberally with hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you give it at least 24 hours of quiet before moving or rotating. The cleaner you can keep the area and your equipment, the less likely you are of contamination or mold which are the biggest cause of seedling failure.


    Reply 3 years ago

    These are excellent tips, thank you!