Organiser: Jewelry Box




Introduction: Organiser: Jewelry Box

Let's make an easy and cute jewelry organiser!

It consists of things one can easily find at home.

So gather all your rings and earrings and a few supplies and get started with this DIY organiser!

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will need :

  • Glue, Ruler, Pencil/Marker, Scissors, Cutter (optional)
  • Some pieces of Foam
  • An empty box of chocolates (sufficient size)
  • couple of printed/coloured napkins
  • An extra sheet of paper

Foam pieces are available in the market. I got mine from the stuffings of a new bag.

I got my napkins from a local pizza place. Napkins need to be square for neater results.

The empty box can be from anything as long as it has a sufficient size and shape.(preferably a square box)

Step 2: Take Measurement

In this step all you need to do is measure

  • The box ( 6.5 in )
  • The napkin ( 7.2 in )
  • And the piece of foam ( 7 in )

Take your measurements and cut the napkin and the foam according to the box.

Cut the foam in long strips and assemble inside the box for exact size. Increase or decrease the strips for adjustments. Don't over load the box.

Be careful the napkins need to be bigger or equal to the box! Larger boxes are harder to handle :(

Make sure the napkins are half an inch bigger, so last minute adjustments can be made!

Step 3: Wrap Foam

In this step we will

  • Cut the napkins in half, depending on the size
  • Glue one side of the foam strips to the napkin
  • Keep gluing each side and wrap the napkin around the foam strip
  • Depending on the size of the foam, more than half of the napkin will get wrapped while a part of it will be left
  • cut the extra napkin protruding on the sides to make the foam and napkin equal

Wrap all the foam strips according to the patterns. I made two strips from each napkin, you can do more or less.

Don't wrap too firmly, or the foam will get too tight and will not appear as cushiony and soft.

Make sure to hide all traces of the foam from the strips, they should not be seen.

Step 4: Box Base

In this step we will lay a base for our organiser inside the box.

  • Use all the extra foam cuttings to fill up the base of the box.
  • Glue all the foam to the bottom of the box
  • Take the extra sheet of paper, cut it and glue it firmly to the layer of foam
  • Take all the covered foam strips and glue them onto the paper
  • once the glue is dried take your cutter and cut the paper between two foam strips

You may add the napkin cuttings as well just to get rid of the snippings.

Make sure to make an equal layer inside the box.

Make sure not to leave any gaps in the layerings as this might get troublesome while organising the jewelry.

Make sure the paper is not visible from top.

The last point will make sufficient gap for your jewelry to fit in

Step 5: Cover the Top (OPTIONAL)

For this step you will need two or three napkins

  • Take the one you want to use as the cover and glue it on the top.
  • For the visible sides cut the leftover napkin(s) into half
  • place these halves on the sides, keeping the exact size in mind

You may cut the cover napkin for perfect size. I put the extra on the side.

Step 6: Final Touches

Put all your rings and earrings inside the gaps in the foam strips

And viola! Your organiser is ready for use.

  • Please share any further improvements
  • Like if this organiser made your life easier and organised!! ;)

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